Florida Burglary suspect eaten by alligator

Time and time again people are reminded of the age-old adage of crime not paying.

Burglary suspect eaten

A few weeks ago in Florida a man had planned on executing a couple burglaries in a local neighborhood. The man named Matthew Riggins, 22 years old told his girlfriend that he would be going to Barefoot Bay with a friend to go rob some people or houses.

On November 13th police got a call from some concerned people who saw two suspicious looking guys in all black on who were walking behind homes and scoping them out.

After the call police surely arrived on the scene looking for the two suspects. There was nowhere to be found. A day later Mr. Riggins was found missing. His fate was unknown to many people around them until the police starting digging and putting two and two together. What they found was telling and was part of nature taking some of its own justice on a criminal

Evading Arrest & Finding New Distress

After the police were called the suspect had the bright idea to go and hide out in a local swamp, in Florida of all places home to the alligators. The suspect was killed and eaten by an eleven-foot alligator.

Authorities originally hypothesized that he jumped into the water to evade capture and hid out there for a while before getting eaten. Tod Goodyear stated from the Local sheriff’s office in Brevard County called the accident unfortunate. He told the local news channel that "The person was at the wrong place at the wrong time," and he sure was when he decided to go robbing houses that night. Instead of some innocents being robbed of their belongings and being held up in dramatic fashion, his life was robbed instead from him.

Alligator’s Fate

In order to confirm that this was in fact what happened, a dive team went out searching for the body where Riggins was last supposed to be missing from. During the dive the team encountered an aggressive alligator that they realized was most likely the culprit.

The department said in a statement "During the recovery of the body, sheriff's dive team members encountered a large alligator aggressively approaching the area where the body was located.” They found the body 10 days after the incident was reported.

Riggins body was badly mauled and markings showed that the alligator they caught was the one that did the mauling. After this was confirmed, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission were brought in to set up a trap for the animal.

They found the alligator, trapped it and euthanized it. Once the alligator was killed the opened up the body and found some remains of Riggins. This alligator was in fact the one that killed and ate him.

In an official report from Florida wildlife officials they stated that since 1948 there has been 22 known deaths attributed to alligators in the state. Riggins sure was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Florida Burglary suspect eaten by alligator

Time and time again people are reminded of the age-old adage of crime not paying.


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