Key Factors to Telling a Story through Video

Telling a Story through Video

Many journalists or camera people are finding that the art of telling stories and making it available to the public is more than taking pictures. However, video stories have become quite popular, especially in the advent of Youtube and other well-known video marketing websites. It has been discovered that videos featuring news, sports, or documentaries often will engage and inform the viewer. In other words, the viewer will be more captured by the content since a picture is worth more than words.

The Factors

These factors make videos a force to be reckoned with – especially separating this format from all other formats used for storytelling. Once you become aware of video storytelling, the better you will be at creating effective videos. Before creating a video, it is imperative to plan what you will include and of course, other aspects should also be considered. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Establish the potential of the story in video format
  2. Plan the story – think about its structure as to certain shot selections
  3. Assess how effective the video story will be
  4. After shooting the video, go over it to edit or add essential things

The Emotions

When shooting a video to tell a story, you should try to capture the emotions of the persons in the video. Emotion is an amazing tool for storytelling. It provides the viewer with a reason to connect with the story and care about the story. Emotions allow the storyteller to not just provide concrete information, but use the human experience as an abstract reality. A video presentation makes the audience understand precisely what someone else may be experiencing. It evokes empathy, fostering the same feelings and making the experience more worthwhile.

Appealing to the Visual

Visual appeal is important to getting the story across to the audience. Focus on interesting places, things and people. Create a backdrop and images that enhances the story. Instead of avoiding specific stories that are void of visual appeal, it is better to try to find the hidden appeal in any story. All it may take is the right angle, a fresh viewpoint and the video’s shot composition.

Motions and Actions

For every video, sequences, processes and movement are essential to its success. You could accomplish this by shooting the video to expose how something works, its process, the sequence and the exact motions necessary to achieve the end results. Only a video format can truly capture motion, from beginning to end.


Audio is important in the video process. Audio clarity should not be overlooked. For example, when interview sound bites are captured, it indicates what the individuals in the story are feeling and thinking. The various sounds coming from a certain spot can create a sense of ambience and it can also confirm the location, after which narration links everything together. Audio sets the tempo and in most cases, informs the viewer when and how the shots were amended. Most of the interesting stories that we hear and see will always involve people. For that reason, in every video shot, moments and characters are also important.

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