Using Interactive Storytelling to Provide News

In most major media organizations, the goal is to tell interactive stories through the news.

Interactive Storytelling

The bigger the issue, the more it is digitally treated in a significant way. This is not always done at the highest level of quality. However, there are times when the media organizations or the journalists use measures of interaction without the consideration of what they are attempting to bring across. Why do the media then use interactive measures to tell the news? Does this interactive storytelling allow the user to shift from knowing and feeling so that a linear narrative can be as effective or not as effective?

The Media and Journalists

If the media or journalist of a certain organization is going to interact at a level of participation, then a certain level of control will be relinquished over the channeling of the story and where it ends up. Media organizations continue to explore the range of user interactivity. However, those who tell the stories, which in most cases, are the journalists should always consider the contribution of the interaction to the story as well as balancing the control it gives to both the author and the reader. A journalist should never use the interactive method for no apparent reason. This could get very boring to the user. Therefore, the journalist should consider the needs of the user and facilitate the user in feeling like a part of the storyline. The journalist needs to do three things to capture the storyline and the user’s attention:

  1. Allow the user to form the narrative
  2. Provide a platform to the audience to tell their story
  3. Be in control of the narrative

Linear Stories

One of the most common ways for the news media to exaggerate and augment an established storyline that is based entirely on text is to add multimedia components. This helps to deliver the story interactively. Even with all of this, the story remains linear and still gives the author control on most of the elements of telling the story.

Enhancing the Story

Other ways that the news media is using interactivity in telling the story is to simplify the format by placing it in a category, which offers the user an exclusive story that is demonstrated in a wide variety of ways to get the overall picture. For example, it could be the opportunity for viewers to see someone tell their story about a horrifying experience that changed their lives. The news media organization would use images to highlight certain parts of the story and make it come to life. The media could use basic elements, but incorporate an exclusive audio and video track to add an impact. The effect of this goes a long way in providing a high level of agency to the user in how the story is being told.


There are others ways to make the story interesting and interactive. The story could be told in a curator or mosaic style. An interview could be done of several individuals experiencing similar things in the original story and that would be brought to the users on video, giving viewers the option to click on a particular interview and jump between the story and the interview. There is so much that can be done to aid interactivity of the news. As technology continues to advance, it should only get better.

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Using Interactive Storytelling to Provide News

In most major media organizations, the goal is to tell interactive stories through the news.

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