Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter

Really? Do we need to discuss the difference between Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter?

A child can break down the reasoning behind the movement of Black Lives Matter. The activist organization known as #BlackLivesMatter around the world was created to bring awareness and shine a huge spotlight onto the modern-day lynching of many Black men and women in America. The movement was not designed to alienate, isolate, or devalue the experiences of other cultures. In a sensitive climate where police brutality has been on the rise, no one can deny or dispute the targeted race. There is not a Caucasian walking the planet that would trade places with even the most privileged Black American because they know what experience comes with the pigment.

When non-Black Americans decide to pick a fight with #BlackLivesMatter supporters, stating that it is a hate group against Caucasians, it sounds utterly ridiculous. That is like saying those creating a movement to fight breast cancer are on a mission to separate themselves from and destroy groups fighting against AIDS. Both are medical conditions that need attention, but it only makes sense that there are groups who suffer personally from the disease or have loved ones suffering from the disease to band together to educate the masses and journey together to find the cure. Depending on the individual, one disease is going to take priority over the other. If you are a Black American, nine times out of ten, you or a family member have been a victim or witnessed police brutality based on the color of your skin. Does this mean Black Americans do not empathize or sympathize with the experiences of non-Black Americans? No. However, your focus, priority, and energy will be invested in what is effecting or plaguing you and your family at the present time.

Back in 2012 when neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman racially profiled 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, following him through a building complex after being instructed and advised by a 911 dispatcher to stay in his car, ultimately murdered him. Martin, armed with Skittles and an ice tea he had just purchased at a convenient store, was walking home in the rain wearing a hoodie. Zimmerman, 32, believed Martin did not belong in his neighborhood and felt Martin was a threat to his life. Zimmerman, armed with a PF-9 pistol, shot Martin in his chest after tackling the teenager to the ground. The Florida police department did not bother to investigate the murder or arrest Zimmerman. Matterfact, Zimmerman went home that same night and enjoyed a pizza after killing a child. #BlackLivesMatter was born.

More and more cases hit mainstream via social media of Black Americans being murdered by police on camera without justice. Eric Garner was selling cigarettes in Baltimore, Maryland. The police was captured harassing him on a witness' cell phone. The police officers put him in an illegal choke hold, taking him down to the ground. Garner gasped for air trying to tell the police officers he could not breathe. garner died before America's eyes and the police offer was set free. #BlackLivesMatter was on the scene to fight for justice.

Mike Brown, 18, was walking with a friend in Ferguson, Missouri. A police officer followed them telling them to walk on the side-walk. The two teenagers explained they were close to their house. The officer attempted to grab Brown, pulling him into the police car holding a gun to his head. Brown screamed for his friend to run. Brown got free from the police officer and tried to run for his life. His friend hid behind a car and witnessed Brown get gunned down in the street like an animal. Several witnesses in the neighborhood watched and recorded the murder. The police officer was set free. #BlackLivesMatter was on the scene to fight for justice.

Sandra Bland had just moved to Texas excited about starting a new job. A police officer tailed her vehicle, causing her to change lanes to get out of his way. Because she did not use a signal change, the police officer pulled her over. The police dash cam captured the traffic stop. Bland asked why she was being pulled over. The police officer instructed her to put out her cigarette. Bland responded she was not doing anything illegal, including smoking a cigarette in her own vehicle. The officer threatened her to put out the cigarette. She refused. He ordered her to get out of the car to place her under arrest. Bland knew her rights and questioned why she was being arrested. The officer opened her car door and physically forced her out of the vehicle. Bland was put on the ground and handcuffed. She was booked and put in a Texas jail. Three days later she was found hanging from her cell. #BlackLivesMatter was there to fight for Bland.

The most recent case in the spotlight is 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. McDonald was shot 16 times by Chicago police captured on dash cam. The officer unloaded on the teenager while he lay lifeless on the pavement. The nearby Burger King surveillance camera also captured the murder of McDonald. Chicago police went to Burger King after the murder and deleted 86 minutes of their footage. They gave a different account of what happened, stating McDonald lunged at them with a knife. When the video was released to the public showing McDonald walking away from the police and shot down, #BlackLivesMatter started a peaceful protest to force the arrest of officer Jason Van Dyke who pulled the trigger and the resignation of Superintendent Garry McCarthy who was part of the cover-up. The activist organization will not rest until all involved in the cover-up of McDonald's murder are forced to resign.

Is #BlackLivesMatter committing a crime by fighting for justice for the youth who no longer have a voice to defend themselves? Absolutely not. Do they believe that All Lives Matter? Absolutely. But their focus and concentration is on the rising epidemic of Black men and women victimized by police brutality and injustice. Instead of questioning and working against their compassion, join 'em. They have a fight ahead of them.

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter

Really? Do we need to discuss the difference between Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter?