Basics for the Business Storytelling

Business Storytelling

There is a certain art to storytelling that has been around for the ages of human society and civilization. The great speaker in front of everyone tells the people a dashing tale of triumph and tragedy. The people are enamored by this story and forget where they are, entering a new world of possibilities, strife and endless intrigue.

Many CEO’s out there are realizing that in order to grow their business and connect with people they have to have that same type of power when talking about and explaining the story of their starts and their company. In one such example a CEO out there realized that he needed to help his company be more efficient in sustainability.

Instead of just making a plan he instead started with a great epic story. Leaders who can tap into these stories will be able to get the people to follow them in more ways.

Ancient Roots

Take for example the story that almost everyone has read in high school, Beowulf. It is the archetypal epic storyline that resonates with the basis of the human psyche. Our hero faces many adversaries that include outside forces as well as facing his own troubles.

The heroic quest is one of the most powerful forms of storytelling. If an executive in a company can master that then they will be poised to succeed in branding, public relations, marketing and advertising. Stories are able to compel people to take action. It’s also an intelligent way to get people to start looking at the future. The nature of a story is the linear nature it takes that makes people infer and predict things that are happening. Planning by using a story as the guide can help foster people to take up arms and really do what needs to be done.

Instead of just working at a company and seeing it for what it really is, a story can compel people to look at it as some sort of epic quest. Teams become more than just that but something akin to taking an active role in their own story. As a narrator guides the readers of the story, a leader will be able to guide his people through the now participants of the story.

This type of storytelling role isn’t that new to a lot of people as sociologists have figured this out a long time ago. If we go around looking at things as a story then it becomes much more an exciting event in our lives. Events become more than what they seem and instead have an epic quality to them. We are not just the spectators anymore in this story but something more. By taking an active role in your life you become the maker of your own destiny.

This is exactly what good leaders would like to see in their companies or teams that they lead. People taking the initiative for themselves because they believe that it has more meaning because it is related to a story of some sort.

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Business Storytelling

Basics for the Business Storytelling

There is a certain art to storytelling that has been around for the ages of human society and civilization.

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