2016 Snow Blizzard in the East and the Current Situation

2016 Snow Blizzard

So many Americans were freezing throughout the country in the month of January 2016, trying to dig snow out of their front yard after a huge blizzard cascaded through various states. There didn’t seem to be any let up as the storm pounded the East and North Coast. The storm was so bad that it cost the lives of almost a dozen people. Thousands of airlines had to cancel flights as people were stuck at the airport, unable to fly to their final destinations. People were stuck at home, unable to go to work or venture out to run errands. It seemed like a disaster and it was.

The East Coast

For people in the East Coast, the storm came at an opportune time since it began late Friday evening into the weekend. Millions of people headed the call from government officials to stay put. This allowed the road crews to do their job of clearing ice and snow. New York City seemed like it was a ghost town, unlike the hustle and bustle that everyone was accustomed to. There was a noticeable decrease in activity on the streets, in the subways and almost everywhere. The streets looked dark and ominous. The Broadway Shows did open, but with low attendance. The Bruce Springsteen show was canceled for that Sunday performance at Madison Square Garden.

Inches Climb

It was reported that there was more than twenty six inches of snow in the Central Park area of New York City. This is the second highest since 1869 and a single day record for the city of New York. According to the National Weather Service, the snowfall record missed the mark of February 2006, which was 26.9 inches.

Washington DC

In some places, Washington D.C, residents had to deal with almost three feet of snow. At the Dulles Airport, the snowfall total was 29.3 inches, much more than New York City. At the Reagan Airport, the number was 20 inches of snow.

Happening Elsewhere

The snow fall ceased late that Saturday night in New York City. In Staten Island, the snow fall amounted to 31.3 inches. At the JFK Airport, it was 30.5 inches of snow. No wonder flights had to be cancelled. In Newark, the snow fall was 28 inches. In Whitehouse, residents had to deal with 29.6 inches of snow.

Ban Lifted

Governor Cuomo, the Governor of New York made an announcement that Sunday morning that he was lifting the ban that was put in place to bar non-emergency vehicles from taking to the roadways. During the travel ban, people were not able to enter the Long Island Expressway, the Hudson River crossings and the State Parkway. Full service of the roadways and underground were set to be restored, but gradually. This included transportation such as bus, railroad and subway. Some of the airlines began restoring service, but in a limited manner, especially at all the airports in New York.

On the news, you could see the floodwaters rise in New Jersey as the storm dumped about three feet of snow in that vicinity. It is hopeful that things will get back to normal and it has already begun.

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2016 Snow Blizzard in the East and the Current Situation

So many Americans were freezing throughout the country in the month of January 2016...